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Avast! home edition is FREE!

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Offers over 7 different types of protections from Emails and Instant Messaging, including the Boot scan check that runs before any of your programs are loaded to catch any viruses hidden in your system files.

If you have a laptop or use the internet all the time, get a few more areas of coverage by upgrading to the Pro Version.
Avast Antivirus can't compare to MacAfee and Norton because it catches what they don't !
It cost Pennies less, but works like it cost a million dollars!
to get Avast Pro Up-grade and for volume discounts for 2 computers or more.


Take back the web and feel more secure in your internet browsing!

Get Firefox Browser!
Number 1 Web Browser

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Email by Mozilla

Lavasoft ~ Lavasoft offers Spybot Search and Destroy for those pesky critters called Malware. These are the things that automatically run in the background and use up your processor speed. If your computer is running slower than usual, it's time to Search and Destroy!

pop-up stopper free edition
Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition

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